12 Traits of Data-Driven Decision Makers

Given all the focus on big data recently, I found this HBR post on data-driven decision making particularly timely.

Companies that regard themselves as data-driven are measurably more profitable than those that aren’t. The challenge for executives is transforming an organization from non data-driven to data-driven.

According to Thomas Redman who advises companies on their data and data quality programs, the data-driven:

  • Make decisions at the lowest possible level
  • Bring as much diverse data to any situation as they possibly can.
  • Use data to develop a deeper understanding of their worlds.
  • Develop an appreciation for variation
  • Deal reasonably well with uncertainty
  • Integrate their ability to understand data and its implications and their intuitions.
  • Recognize the importance of high-quality data and invest to improve.
  • Are good experimenters and researchers.
  • Recognize that decision criteria can vary with circumstances.
  • Recognize that making a decision is only step one.
  • Work hard to learn new skills and bring new data and new data technologies (big data, predictive analytics, metadata management, etc) into their organizations.
  • Learn from their mistakes.

How’s your organization rate?

Here’s a link to the full post. 

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