On Becoming a Marketing Yogi

The HBR blog is a fountain of excellent, thought-provoking content.

It seems agile narratives are all the rage these days, as several blogs (including mine) are full of stories about how marketers can shape “bendable” and “shareable” stories.

Agile narratives remind me of the old adage, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” This should be at the core of fast-paced marketers’ approach to changing landscapes, impinging competitors and always-in-flux product offerings. Now aided by marketing automation platforms, marketers can immediately measure response rates to campaigns and bend accordingly. In process, these marketers naturally move from campaigns based on gut instinct to those emanating from empirical, defensible data, something the corner office demands.

A second, important element for marketers to consider is what I’ve referred to as its “shareability” quotient. Back in the good ol’ days, marketers didn’t have to consider ways in which content would be shared because, well,  it wasn’t shared, except by word of mouth. Today, a plethora of channels can spawn tons of simultaneous conversations within and among key target markets in a snap. In a world where videos can go viral in hours, tweets can make the rounds in an instant and a flash mob can form seemingly out of thin air, marketing is bound to move from a creative studio environment to a political war room.

Prediction: Sophisticated Marketing Operations Centers, something akin to air traffic control systems, will start to pop up in large enterprises as real time data streams converge into actionable insights and intelligence, enabling immediate response.

Here’s the full HBR post.

Market well.


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