Every Sales and Marketing Exec Should Read This!

Sales Linguistics is the study of how customers and salespeople use language during the complex decision-making process. Yeah, I know… sales linguistics is a new term for me. But wow, am I glad I read this post by Steve W. Martin who teaches sales strategy at the USC Marshall School of Business.

Martin cites a recent study that asked the following key question: Can different amounts of visual, auditory and kinesthetic information influence the price customers will pay for an item? 

According to research, the short answer is yes…and dramatically so. Every strategist, sales exec and marketer should take heed and drive these insights into the way in which they sell and market.

For a marketer like me who is constantly seeking ways to articulate value on behalf of my clients, I’m going to factor the research findings into my thinking and approach to developing customer-facing content and experiences.

I’d love to hear what you think.

Market well.


Now, what do you think? C'mon. Let 'er rip.

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