Marketing to Personas, Selling to People

As buyers perform more independent research prior to engaging with a B2B sales professional, it stands to reason the marketer’s job continues further into the buying process than before. For this reason, sophisticated marketers get serious about drilling into different personas, displacing generic content with specific, precise content for a particular persona.

But they also recognize that personas are not people.

Quoting from this post: “Personas are not in a bad mood because they were stuck in traffic that morning and decided to take it out on that sales rep waiting in the lobby. Personas don’t have it in for the guy in the next office in order to get the next promotion. Personas don’t tell you they are seriously considering your product when, in actuality, you’re just price fodder so they can negotiate down your competitor.”

At some point, the persona parade can only get an opportunity so far down the road. Sales professionals, with the ground fertilized by marketing, can engage directly with each significant player, turner persona-based content into precise engagements with precise value propositions. Where marketing might be operating blind on the persona basis, sales can exercise all the senses to determine if the opportunity is real or not. The key is for marketers to move as rapidly as possible from generic value props to precise ones so that sales can further tailor the pitch to the individual buyer, not a codified, imagined version of one.

Marketers: let me know how your processes are changing.

Market well.


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