The new CMO: An old dog with new tricks

In conversations with clients and prospects, I’m often asked how my role as a CMO for tech companies has changed in recent years. My answer is always the same: “a heckuva lot and it’s going to keep changing.”

A skilled CMO of a decade ago has no resemblance to a skilled CMO today. They’re two wholly different animals. Today’s new CMO must be fluent in new technology platforms that didn’t even exist a decade ago. More so than any of his/her predecessors, today’s CMO is driven more by numbers and less by creative campaigns. Instinct has given way to iterations; emotion to empirical data. The days of strategic battle plans and two year marketing plans have been replaced by nimble, agile marketing opportunists who know how to leverage all mediums, including social, for optimum impact. What I call “long tail” campaigns — those with a shelf life of several quarters — have morphed into short-tailed, on-demand, fully vetted and tested campaigns and initiatives that are super-targeted to key markets. A long term plan today is 30 days.

This increased speed is creating enormous pressure on CMOs and growing expectations in the executive suite. This post from Content Marketing Institute is well worth the read, not just for marketers but chief executives as well.

Market well.


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