WOW: A Piano Class for 32,000 Students

Further to my post yesterday regarding Italy and getting in touch with one’s senses in terms of marketing, I found this post quite amazing. Pianist Jonathan Biss is teaching a class on Beethoven’s sonatas to more than 32,000 students. Philadelphia-based Curtis Institute of Music, and Coursera, the California-based provider of Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) are collaborating. Talk about music appreciation!

Education is certainly undergoing a great deal of scrutiny these days, in part driven by perceived failures and in part by new technologies that make access easier and more interactive, even when remote. Regardless of whether you’re a proponent of bricks and mortar ol’ style classrooms or this new fangled version, it’s hard to deny that 32,000 people studying classical music is a huge number. It should also be eye-opening for marketers who, like me, often make assumptions about market sizes only to be shocked later when they turn out to be magnitudes smaller or, in this particular, far larger.

Keep those senses on high alert and, as always…Market well.


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