Eat more oranges: A marketing conundrum

As someone who is trying to get fit, I found this news quite intriguing. The gist of the story, found here, is that eating oranges is far better than drinking orange juice. While I intuitively knew this, I wonder how the marketing folks at orange groves or at Tropicana & Minute Maid deal with this issue.

On the one hand, there’s this beautiful, tasty fruit that is so appealing and on the other hand there’s the juice that tastes so delicious. Eat this, don’t drink that. It’s like two sides of the same coin. What a marketing conundrum!

I, for one, am grateful I don’t face this same dilemma with my clients. They’re all good, all the time.

Which do you prefer: Oranges or Orange Juice?

If I want to get fit, I’ll just have to hold out for the real thing.

Market well.


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